When you visit the veterinarian, make sure to ask them all the queries regarding your pup’s health. To examine the abnormalities in the pet you need to discuss with your vet. BonBeno has segregated the signs through which you can figure out whether your furry buddy is healthy or not.

Let’s see what’s normal-

Eyes – They should be bright and clear. If there is any discharge immediately tell your vet.

Ears – They should be clean and free of any discharge. Untreated ear problems can be painful and cause hearing aid.

Nose –  It should be clean without discharge

Mouth – It should always smell fresh. The gums should always be pink. There should be no plaque in teeth. Mouth and lips should be free sores or growth.

Coat – It should always be shiny and clean.

Weight – Your pup should be active and rarely puppy’s are overweight. Consult your vet for nutritional advice on maintaining your dog's healthy weight.

Bladder/Bowel – If there are any changes in the consistency of your pup’s urine or stool immediately contact your vet.

What’s Not Normal

Diarrhea – This can occur due to many factors.  Call your veterinarian if stools are bloody, if there is a large volume of watery stools, if your pet is thin or potbellied or if diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours.

Constipation - It can be caused by many factors, including, ingesting substances such as hair, bones or foreign materials, or because of disease or insufficient water intake.

Vomiting -  If vomiting occurs more than five times in a few hours, large volumes are vomited, vomit contains blood, or is accompanied by diarrhea or abdominal pain.

Look after these signs and if there is any issue just take your pet to the veterinarian for the regular check-up to make sure whether they are fine.