Kittens are very adorable and playful creatures, raising and taking care of a little kitten comes with a whole lot of responsibility. Kittens are so cute that most of the times, the cat owners wish that they stay a kitten forever. But this is the time when the cat parents have to take care of the kitten to lay a foundation of behaviour and health for the cat’s future. This blog is all about the care tips for kittens that new cat parents need to keep in mind.

  • Be aware of your kitten’s age

Kitten’s age is just a number just like the age of puppies. Kittens require precise care during the first ten weeks of their lives. If you are taking care of a little orphaned kitten, consult a vet.

  • Find a Good Vet

Find a vet for the kitten, if you don’t find one you can ask your friends and family for recommendations. A good vet helps you with how to take care of and feed your cat. The vet points out if there is an injury, birth defect or anything that requires to be fixed.

  • Nutrition

Getting cat food from a convenience store is not all that it takes to feed kittens. Kittens are at a growing stage and they require three times more nutrients and calories than the adult cats. Therefore, go for food which is formulated for kittens and it provides them with appropriate nourishment.

  • Prepare a Feeding routine for your kitten

Prepare a daily feeding routine in order to keep up with the kitten’s appetite. Always make sure that you don’t over feed or under feed your kitten hence, always consult a vet. At the age of 3 to 6 months, it is recommended that the kitten is fed three times a day. Once they reach to 6months of age, feed them twice a day. A water bowl is a must for them.

  • Socialising is a must

Once your vet has told you your kitten is free of parasites and diseases, they can go out, play, and explore new places, surroundings. If you had any other pet or children, just monitor how kittens are introduced to them and how they behave.