Holi is around the corner and everyone must be excited to play this jubilant occasion with full joy. People are excited about throwing colours at each other and even play with their furry friends too, but do you think they can see or enjoy those colours? Or it just dust choking them?

The colours we throw at them can create havoc in their lives and this is the reason they run frantically when someone throws colours at them. This community detests celebrating Holi and we should be careful when throwing colours around them as it can be fatal to them. It’s not okay to trouble a furry animal in the name of a festival.

Immunity of dogs is not as strong as humans’ and they are not used to such toxic chemicals. While we can wash off the colours after celebrating, sadly, they cannot and the colours remain on their body which usually leads to various skin allergies and respiratory diseases. The water balloons we throw can leave injuries and can even damage their eyes. Its better to keep them away from these balloons.

Besides the physical harm, these colours can turn a living nightmare for dogs and they may start feeling depressed seeing what is happening around. It is better to spare them from the gulaal and water balloons and be a little sensitive towards them at this time.

So this Holi, be animal friendly as it’s a festival for us, not them.