Clicker training is a type of training that uses a tool known as clicker which is made mechanically, and no batteries are required to operate it.And yes, do like the dogs, cats are also responsive to clicker training.

You Can Clicker – Train Your Cat

Mother Nature created animal cats who possess learning behaviour by association. This is also referred to as operant conditioning. In other words, cats do learn by their experiences, knowledge or mastery of an event. Let’s just take an illustration to understand this process of learning in a better way.

Suppose, your cat is scratching a post instead of a carpet and for this reason, you give him a treat. Similarly, continue to do it more frequently and in order to get the food, your cat will use the post more often.

First and foremost to begin the training, you need to make your cat know that each click means food. And in order to make him understand this follow these steps and repeat them until your cat is able to hold his attention.

  • Get your cat’s attention
  • Give a reward, immediately.

Afterwards, your cat will be familiar and trained to know that each click is equal to a treat. Using this, clicker training technique, one can train their cats to exhibit desired and good behaviour. As the cats learn to repeat the behaviour because they know that they will receive the treats.

By this, we can conclude that the clicker training sounds to be very helpful and will attain to bridge the gap between the desired behaviour and the recompense you provide. Additionally, you can clicker – train your cat.