Cats or Dogs, Which one would you choose as a friend? Let’s look at some pros of both the animals first.

  • Dogs adapt better to change • Cats don’t take much space
  • More control less destruction • Owning cats is more comfortable
  • Training Dogs is easier • Cats are perfectly content indoors
  • Dogs Have greater potential • Cats are quieter
  • Dogs protect you better • Kittens require less work than puppies


Let's rate the two competitors now.

  1. Vision- Give the gold to the cats for their ability to see in far less light. When the mousses come out to play at dusk, the cats are ready for them. A twitch of a whisker or a tiny movement in the leaves can be seen in near-darkness.
  2. Smell- Dogs even the score with their sense of smell. Dogs have a face that’s really nothing but the nose, and their ability to detect and distinguish odours is in the range of four times better than a cat’s.
  3. Speed – Cats are natural sprinters but need rest. Dogs such as Greyhounds can maintain speeds of 40 mph for a pretty good distance and can catch up to and pass a cat pretty quickly. Have to give this one to the dogs, by a nose.
  4. Intelligence- Many dogs know more than 100 words, and a few know almost twice that many. Cats? If they know more than the words you use to call them for dinner, they’re not saying.

Winner: Dogs.

It's really the matter of love. By human standards, a dog is better, but it doesn’t matter. We love our cats and they love us. Anyway, our pets need to be happy, be it a dog or a cat, and get perfect products for them only from