It’s a debate we can never seem to settle: Are cats smarter? Or are dogs? Dogs learn and respond to commands; cats usually don’t. But cats are cunning hunters with a boundless curiosity.

Dogs are friendly, Cats are smart!


This simple, dichotomy has been cited and argued over, by many pet owners. 

We hate to burst the bubbles of all the cat owners reading this, but experts say that comparing cat intelligence to dogs is like comparing apples and oranges: “Intelligence evolves to solve problems that are recurrent over an evolutionary relevant timescale”

This timescale is not fixed. Cats, who must eat meat, and dogs, who like meat but are more omnivorous, have faced different ecological, survival, and mating problems for a long time. We should therefore expect their subjective abilities to differ.

  • Cats have the ability to know an object is there even when it goes out of sight—a prime example being a toy they've batted underneath a couch. They also seem to be able to figure out where the item has been moved, even if they aren't privy to the action itself.
  • Unlike dogs, however, cats won't look up at their owners for "help" if they can't solve a puzzle.

However, we still have a long way to go before we figure out what felines are truly capable of and when we do, we should compare them to other cats instead of dogs.

In other words, we should avoid pitting different species against each other because they’re intelligent in different ways.Regardless of how many neurons dogs and cats have, they’re still intelligent creatures who love you and deserve your love too.