Holi is the festival of colours: colours of fun, colours of bonding, colours of joy and colours of love. Holi is all this fun but have you ever wondered Holi might not be as much fun for your pet as it is for you. You might think they are enjoying but can they complain if something is bothering them? That’s why, during Holi, you need to take extra care to ensure that your pets are not suffering because of you.

5 Tips for dog owners this Holi

  1. Don’t apply or let anyone else apply colour

The safest thing for your dog is that no colour is applied to them by you or anyone else. Colours contain chemicals that can harmful for your dog. Some puppies, senior dogs and dogs with short hair coat are more sensitive to the Holi Colours. Dry colours contain lead which can be poisonous for your pet.

  1. Keep your dog indoors or leashed

If guests are coming at your place, it is advisable that you leash your dog or keep them indoors. Be extra careful with your dog as the colours can cause skin problems and even damage their eyes.

  1. Keep children away from dogs

It is hard to make the children understand during the festivity about the damage colours can cause. They consider dogs as their family member and might put colours on them. This is when you have to keep them away. Dogs have the habit of licking themselves and if they lick the colour not only will they throw up but are going to feel sick for a long time.

  1. Don’t give your dog sweets

Sweets are a must during Holi. No matter how much you might feel of giving sweets to your dog, just know that sweets can cause them indigestion and they are harmful to them. If you wish to pamper them for Holi, you can always give them dog treats instead of sweets.

  1. If your dog gets coloured, use a dog shampoo

Even after all your efforts, your dog gets coloured then use a dog shampoo to get rid of the colour. Don’t use kerosene oil or hair oil to remove colour. If the pet has been hit in the eyes, wash it with plain water. If still, you see your pet suffering, consult a vet.