It is said that a dog is man’s best friend. Well, it’s true! These little furry creatures are more caring that humans have ever been. Dogs are not at all like the meaning in their dictionary, they are completely different. They are selfless creatures who give their life and so much love to their humans.

Here are 5 heart-warming stories of dogs from around the world which completely justifies that they are nothing less than loyal and selfless fellow-members. Following are some of the dogs who stayed faithful to their masters even after they died.

  1. Capitan defies leaving his master’s side, who passed away 9 years ago

The death of a Miguel Guzmán of Argentina in 2006 obviously hit his loyal dog the most. On learning about his master’s death, Capitan ran away from his home. And when the rest of the family started to search for the dog, they were startled to see Capitan guarding the grave of Guzmán. He had located the cemetery on his own! And as of 2015, Capitan continues to stay by his master’s side.

  1. ‘Hachiko’ went to the railway station for 9 years, carrying the unwavering hope of seeing his master again


Hachiko is the name of one of the most faithful dogs to have ever lived. It was a daily routine of Hachiko to greet his master nearby Shibuya station. One tragic day, though, Hachiko’s master died of cerebral hemorrhage, thus never making it back to Shibuya station. Hachiko however, continued to show up at the station for next 9 years, 9 months, and 15 days, apparently at the precisely right time when the train, which his master used to get off from, was due to arrive at the station. On March 8, 1935, Hachiko was spotted dead on a Shibuya street. And the cause of his death was diagnosed to be terminal cancer and a filarial infection.

  1. ‘Waghya’, Chatrapati Shivaji’s loyal pet dog who is believed to have jumped into the funeral pyre of the Indian warrior king


Waghya was shaken up because of the death of his master, Chatrapati Shivaji. So much so, that he jumped into the funeral pyre, and became the symbol of purity and loyalty in India. There is also a statue of Waghya erected beside Shivaji’s tomb at Raigad Fort in Maharashtra.

  1. For 23 days, ‘Talero’ guarded the dead body of his owner, who collapsed in a snowstorm

Bernardo Leonidas Quiros died in a snowstorm in Argentina and his dog Talero took the charge of keeping his owner protected for days after he passed away. According to a Chilean online newspaper he even warded off wild animals from attacking his deceased master, and for his own survival in the snow, he hunted small animals. When police approached to rescue the body, he barked in frantic as if sensing danger for his master or, asking the authority to leave him alone with his master.

  1. ‘Bobbie the Wonder Dog’ travelled 4,105 km to return to his family home

Bobbie was accidentally separated from his family, in the year 1923, while they were on a road trip to Indiana. After carrying out an extensive and exhaustive search for their beloved dog, the family reached their home in Oregon, disappointed and sad. 6 months later, Bobbie appeared. He was there at the doorstep of his family home. He got all scrawny and bony from the long walk that he had set all the way from Indiana to his home in Oregon. On his journey back, he precisely scaled a distance of 4, 105 km, crossing through all the physical hurdles of deserts, mountains, and plains falling in between. On average, Bobbie must have travelled about 23 km each day.