Even though your pet cannot speak to you but there are always signs that depict the holistic health of your pet. As new pet keeper, one might want to read the patterns of your pet to ensure that it’s healthy. Checking for signs at an early stage can save you lot of time and energy in the long run.

Here are 5 practices to follow that ensure your furry friend’s health.

  1. Keep Tabs On Their Eating Pattern

No matter how old your pet it, it is very important that they consume a proper diet and eat sufficiently for a healthy growth. If your pet stops eating or drinking for more than 24 hours, you should see a veterinarian without delays.

  2. Watch Out How Much They Weigh

It’s crucial for you pets to maintain a consistent weight graph, in cases otherwise, you might want to pay more attention. Sudden weight dropping and gaining are issues witnessed by many pet owners which can actually bring about health problems in them. You could make a meal plan for them depending on how old they are and their eating habits and take your vet’s help.

  3. Mouth Odour Check

From time to time, you should ensure that the mouth of your pet is healthy, to check that, look for the gums, if they’re pink then it’s absolutely fine. Check for any loose teeth and external growth or lumps. If you see anything odd, it’s advised to get him/her checked.

  4. Monitoring Bowel Movements

A healthy stomach is suggestive of a healthy digestive system. A regular and healthy bowel movement is free from white discoloration, mucus, blood and diarrheas'. If it differs from this, it could be due to a couple of reasons including allergies, indigestion, inflammation etc.

  5. See How They Walk/Run

Whenever you take your pet out for a stroll, monitor how they walk/run. Make sure they are not limping, pant excessively or even seem too stiff. If any of these signs are displayed by them, you should check with your vet for early signs of arthritis or other health related issues.