Dogs are man’s best friends; this saying is as true as it can get. A lot of people want to adopt dogs but a lot more than often choose a puppy over a senior dog and it does have its own advantages but there are some noteworthy reasons for a person to adopt a senior dog.

  1. Older Dogs Are Often Already Trained

Most older dogs are already trained they know that the whole house is not a washroom and shoes are meant to be used for walking and not chewing, senior dogs especially the ones who have been pet once will be obedient and calm in order to try to please you and get your love and affection.

  1. Seniors Are Less Demanding

Adopting a pet takes a lot of sacrifice you literally have to give them a piece of yourself and the thing with dogs is that the younger the dog the bigger part of yourself you have to sacrifice, thus  a senior dog is much less demanding and require a lot less sacrifice than a highly energetic puppy, so they are the perfect choice for older couples or for busy families with young children.

  1. Old Dogs Do Learn New Tricks

Contrary to the popular belief old dogs can learn new tricks. Dogs can be trained at any age and when a senior dog is given a chance for a loving home can learn new tricks in order to please you and it's actually much easier. It is important to note that senior dogs make the best therapeutic dogs.

In the end its important to understand your own lifestyle and think accordingly what type of dog you want if you are free and have the capacity to sacrifice a lot then young energetic puppies are the best option but if you are busy or are a bit older and don’t want to go in the fuss of completely training a new day then senior dogs are better, whatever dogs you adopt they will require care and Bonveno offers all the products you need to take care of your dog.