Dogs who are not engaged in playing games and performing fun activities seem more likely to suffer from behavioural issues. Thereupon much like humans, dogs do need some interactive activities and entertainment.In case your dog is bored check out this list to keep him occupied and relieve boredom.

  1. Play some nose games with your dog – Hiding treats around the house is absolutely a gamebased on nose work.Dog loves to seek the hidden treats even if you choose to pick the same hiding spots.
    Playing hide and seek will let your dog feel more energetic and he will put all the zeal to seek you by using his tracking sense. Both gamesstimulate the mind and are a fun way to overcome boredom.
  2. Play some tug of war with your dog –Involving your dog in playing tug of war can really be interesting and fun full activity. This is one of the most physically & mentally challenging games you can play with your canine friend.
  3. Use some interactive dog toys – These toys will keepyour dog busy and mentally stimulated. Using food dispensing toys will make your dogvery much happier and stress-freeas it gives some more mental stimulation.
  4. Change your walking routine –Having a daily walk on the same route can lead to monotony, therefore, it’s better to explore some new routes. In addition, when a dog gets the opportunity to sniff their surroundings adds mental stimulation.
  5. Build a digging box for your dog – If your dog loves to dig, thenhaving apersonal digging box for your dog would be a great option.You can also bury your dog’s favourite toy or any other stuff inside the box this will encourage him more to dig more and the game will more exciting.
  6. Give your dog some extra attention – Dogs are social creatures. A nice belly rub, massage, or grooming session is an easy way to create a meaningful interaction with your dog.
  7. Use some kong stuffed toys – It keeps your dog occupied and can be stuffed with many, many tasty treats. Kong stuffed toys are durable for both pups and dogs with super-strength. Remember when you leave your dog at home give him a stuffed Kong or another tough interactive toy to keep his mind occupied.
  8. Make a Flirt Pole for Energetic & High Drive Dogs –It has a long pole to which a rope is knotted at the end of the flirt stick. The rope has a lure attached to it which excites a dog to run after it. Make sure you allow your dog to grab the lure and let him win as this will keep them engaged and the activity will be fun to play because of the more involvement from both the ends.