Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures that make them stand apart from other animals. Their curious nature and the urge to explore new things make them the smartest of all the creatures.

We have penned down 5 smartest cat breeds to make the selection of your new feline easy for you.

    • Abyssinian Cat-With a distinctive sleek profile, this breed resembles to Egypt’s ancient cats. These cats are the best learners and love to interact with their owners. They are great at jumping and climbing and love high ceilings cat trees. They enjoy being the center of attention and always need a companion. They are also known for being one of the most intelligent breeds of the world.

    • The Siamese-Siamese are known for being mischievous due to their inquisitive nature and love to explore every corner of the house. They are loud breeds and love to talk. They always want something explore and get easily bored if their brains aren’t stimulated. These are one of the most famous breeds among celebrities due to their gregarious nature. They are known for sharp memory and the ability to recall things.

    • Scottish Fold-These cats have got their name due to their flopped-over ears which make them easily recognizable. These are confident breeds and quick learners. Scottish Fold love being around people and always need a companion to play with. They can easily adjust to new surrounding and enjoy travelling.

    • Bengal-Bengal cats are known for their resemblance with leopards and are known as real beauties. They are known for being a complete package as they possess everything from intelligence and smartness to a good behavior. They are agile and alert breeds who love being mischievous.

    • The CornishRex-These are highly energetic and fun-loving cats. They crave for human attention and are always ready to adapt and learn new things. They have exceptional communication skills which make this breed confident around new surroundings.

Felines can be the most fun creatures to be with who can make you explore new things with them. So, adopt some of the smartest cats and make your life more fun.