Undoubtedly, the human-canine relationship is believed to be hyper-social. Dogs being the true-blue are known for their commitment, loyalty and unconditional love. By being aware of such goodness present in someone who can even think of this stressful thought of hitting them?


Do you know? Even professional trainers don’t raise their hands on dogs. The least they do is to use their 2 fingers to firmly tap their pet’s nose in order to reprimand them. This is because they are sensible enough to understand that hitting their pet harder than this would instigate fear in them. Are you sure that you’re looking for a relationship with your four-legged friend which is built out of fear?


Few amongst many dog owners tend to believe that hitting them is the only way to get rid out of their unwanted behaviour. No, absolutely not.

”Violence begets Violence”

By consistently ending up with hitting or beating your dog might make them frustrating. And in order to preserve them, they can bite or react very aggressively. That’s why hitting your dog can’t be taken into account.


Your too harsh behaviouris a complete waste of time unless you catch up your pet in the act. He will have NO idea why you’re so upset at him. Instead, if you caught him doing something incorrectly then, positive reinforcement and appropriate response will work the best.


On the other hand, there exist some masters/owners who don’t pay much attention to their pets. And as a result, dogs end up showing inaccurate behaviour for which they are being punished and beaten up by their parents. Is this what we expect from humans who have a brain?


Think wisely and sensibly because there exist many-many ways to treat and train your pet.Canines are such amazing creatures and are much more forgiving than humans. Try to be as respectful and they are with you so that you can attain a rewarding relationship with your beloved pet.