Kudos! Zillion thanks would not be enough for this appreciable thought and judgement. This is a huge step taken yet and gives full justification to the well-known phrase ”Live And Let Live”.

From now onwards, the status of a legal person or entity will be mutually shared by the animals existing in the state of Punjab and Haryana respectively.


All in all, it has been a wonderful decision indeed.


The journey began a year ago when an order was passed in Uttarakhand which had brought the spotlight onthe protection and promotion on greater welfare of animals. As a result of this judgement, the decision became a benchmark and was a great success. For this reason, the respectable Justice Rajiv Sharma who was responsible for writing and passing the order was transferred from the Uttarakhand High Court to the Punjab and Haryana High Court.Since then, hewas occupied in bringing a change for the sake of animals. Undoubtedly, he stands upon on the expectations of many civilians and we can witness the massive advancement.


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi


Similarly, the nation is in need to realize that animals must be treated as citizens. Even the animals who have been caged since birth feel the need to move. They too have sentiments, they feel pain, they get hurt. Much like humans, they all must be given equal priority, treatment, and rights. Remember, animals are not our slave which we have inherited from our forefathers.Instead, we have borrowed these wonderful creatures from our mother nature. This is why we pursue no right to exploit and abuse them. Being a human we must realize the worth of each animal whether they are avian or aquatic. They all must possessequal rights the same as humans.


Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well with others.

Cesar Chavez