To all the cat lovers out there it’s time for a eureka moment because you have one more reason to honour the bond between you and your furry friend.

National Hug Your Cat day has another attribute referred to as Hug Your Cat Day is celebrated on 4th of June. The day is cherished as an unofficial holiday to shower a little extra affection and care to your four paws companion. The origination of this day is still a mystery and unknown fact and due to this, the day is considered as an unofficial holiday. The official or unofficial whatsoever who really cares? It’s because all the pet parents have got another day to fulfil the joy in the lives of their beloved little friend and add another bucket full of memories.

It’s one of thepleasing days for all the people who are fond of cats and for all the parents owning their feline friends. The celebration brings fun, happinessand also some benefits as receiving a hug from a cat or giving a squeezing hug to a cat will lower a persons blood pressure, or mental goals, such as decreased stress. So show your purring, cuddly friend some love in honourof this auspicious occasion and grab health benefits.

The best way to celebrate, of course, by holding your cat into your arms and by putting some zeal inthe day to turn it into a special one for your furry friend. In addition, you can pamper your little one with some treats, gifting favouritetoy with your cat would love to play and most importantly, by spending some quality time. Sounds like a pleasant activity we can all get behind, no? So don’t forget to grab your kitty BFF and celebrate by keeping in that the daypromises to be a gala evening of memories, make the best use of it.