Welcome your Cat with a little commitments to yourself.

  • Money –Cats need regular veterinary care on top of the kitten hood de-wormingde-sexing, and vaccinations. The costs of cat food, toys, litter, cleaning products, scratching posts, pet carrier, bedding, and parasite control will add up quickly.

  • Time and attention – The idea that cats are solitary is a myth. Pet cats need your attention and playtime. Unlike many animals, cats can adjust their schedules day or night to fit yours, which makes it easier to give them attention even if you have a busy workday.

  • Space– A pet cat doesn’t need much room to be healthy, it’s true. Cat-trees extend the territory upward, allowing an active indoors-only cat to exercise and play in the smallest loft apartments and recreational vehicles. You will need to figure out how to fit the cat-trees and litter pan in your house, but it can be done.

  • Care – There are many pet cats who never visit the vet and who are left to their own devices when their owners are away for the weekends. And they suffer for it.

Tips to Be a Responsible Owner.

  • Your cat is protected from fleas, worms and ticks;
  • Your cat is de-sexed;
  • You obeying licensing laws for your area;
  • You ensure your cat remains in secure environment and does not pose a threat to native animal species;
  • Your cat has current identification tags at all time.