Our furry friends generally don’t like to cuddle. Well, genetics play a major role in deciding whether the dogs will tend to like or dislike to cuddle. Unfortunately, this is upsetting news for all dog lovers across the globe but denying the truth doesn’t change the fact. There exists a lot of variant ways and signs through which dogs show a huge amount of affection for you but cuddling isn’t their thing. It’s a human tendency by which they express their love but in the case of dogs, they dislike it.

Researches suggest that wrapping up your dog in your arms and squeezing tightly can make him feel like they can’t escape. Instead, by being physically close to your dogswhile ensuring they don’t feel trapped would be more comfortable and pleasing for them. To Cuddle, you need to strengthen the bonding roots with your canine friend. This is to build trust in between you and dog, this is to make your dog feel comfortable, this is to make your dog understand that cuddling is a way of showing your affection.

Always remember that cuddling is a gesture of trust. Much like us, even the dog doesn’t like to be held by any stranger. As mentioned above, one needs to have a close connection with the dog before holding him in arms. Unwanted hugs might make them feel uncomfortable and they may not tolerate it. It’s witnessed in such cases that sometimes they end up biting the strangers. Things like these occur when the dog is one of those who does not like cuddling or are not prepared for such a gesture.By being aware of how to handle the dogs or by having someone to guide or supervise you would be helpful.