You are at a party, having the delicious food in peace and suddenly you see your dog beside the table, eyeing your food and whining. Not an endearing sight, is it? Almost every pet owner complains about their dog begging for food, even when they are full. This habit of your furry companion can become very annoying at times, leaving you embarrassed in front of people. It is necessary to train your dogs to stop begging for food for their good health and of course for saving you from such embarrassing sights.

We have penned down some ways that can be used to stop your dogs from begging for scraps.

  • Stop Feeding From The Table-Yes, we know that dogs are adorable creatures and it is hard to ignore them when they are sitting beside your table in a hope that you will feed them. You may feel like feeding them tidbits from the table but it may turn lead to the annoying habit of dogs to wait for their turn every time, standing beside the table. So, avoid giving them food like this from the very beginning to avoid the repercussions.
  • Fix The Meal Times-It is necessary to fix your dog’s meal time and give them food at the same time only. Ask him to go back to his place when he finishes his meal. This habit would allow you to have your food in peace, without your dog begging you for food.
  • The “Stay” Command-This can prove as an effective solution to control your dog’s behaviour. Ask him to stay at a designated place while you are having meals and reward him for obeying you. This would make him realise what do you want him to do.
  • Keep The Dog Distracted-You can avoid your dog bothering you during meal times by giving him a distraction. Give him his favourite toy to play with while rest of the family eats in peace.
  • Patience Is The Key-Last but not least, deal with your dog with patience and consistency. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while teaching your dog to stop begging for food.

So, no matter how adorable your dog is, it is necessary to train your canine companion to stop begging for scraps so that you can enjoy your meal and eat in peace.