1. Did you just say lovely after seeing the picture of this cutest dog?

Mom – Was it you who created the mess?

2. Don’t you feel like squeezing him in arms?

Caught in a moment when he pretends to be wise.

3. This is my – I look cute today face.

Also, can you please turn off the light? I’m sleepy.

4. Hello, people.
Did I steal your heart?

5. Honey, we are getting late.
Oh! Just a moment. Let me finish my work first.

6. I like it when you smile, it’s cute.

7. I am a lion, hear me roar.

8. When acting is in your veins.

9. Me, every morning when I’m supposed to get ready for work.

10. Not your concern, keep walking.

11. Home Alone, someone knocks at the door.

12. I told you both the three of us, can fit.