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Pet Parenting

  1. Puppy Dog Eyes And Human Connection

    The recent report revealed the exceptional ability of a female dog in Kaziranga National Park in Assam. She could sense around the presence of poachers and inform the forest officials about it. The officials there have named her Quarmy since she is equal to the quarter of Army.
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  2. Save The Humanity For Animals Too

    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remain unawakened. Recently Mumbai witnessed serious crime against the stray dog who was brutally beaten by the security guard of a building in Mumbai Worli last week.
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  3. Why does your dog bite

    Dogs are the best, aren’t they? I don’t think anybody can argue about the loyalty of these adorable animals. We all get angry, in some way or the other.
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  4. Can cats and dogs be friends?

    Dogs and cats are both composite animals, with emotional needs which can easily upset them so as to cause consternation.
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  5. What Points to Consider Before Getting a Pet?

    This might be the most important reason for getting or maybe not getting a pet. A pet will require as much attention and care a child requires or even more. They will sure make your life happy with the best company.
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  6. Why should you get a pet?

    No matter which animal you have bonded with, will always love you and remember you. Even if you cannot return that unconditional love, just knowing that it is there will make your life better.
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  7. Problems that come with owning a dog

    Puppies need to have immunizations starting at 6 to 8 weeks of age, and they require booster shots until they are about 16 weeks of age.
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  8. How to help your dog during fireworks?

    What can we do to help our dogs during noise? Fortunately there are many strategies for dog owners. Help your pet feel better when the fireworks begin, with our choice of measures.
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  9. How to Choose the Best Leash for Your Dog?

    There is a wide range of leashes in the market which never tend to end, so how to figure out which one suits your dog best? Leashes vary with the breed of your dog. Let’s look at a brief rundown on features of a few common leashes that can help you out.
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  10. How to increase your Dog’s IQ?

    Thinking about making your dog smarter? So we are not really looking for a “Superdog” here, lets initially focus on improving the little chap’s IQ. We will focus on superpowers later.
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