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Food & Nutrition

  1. 5 Benefits of Salmon oil for dogs

    Salmon oil is one of the most popular oils for its wide array of health benefits.It has become increasingly important and popularas more of its various health benefits have become understood. Following are 5 benefits of Salmon oil for dogs.
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  2. 5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

    Few healthy switch-ups in your dog’s daily routine can have a powerful impact on his health and it will also help in reducing/losing weight. Follow and learn these five tips to lose your dog’s weight so you can see and feel the difference.
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  3. What exactly your dog CANNOT have in his diet

    We all love spoiling our pets, don’t we? A puppy face every doggie would make when he wants something is something every pet owner can relate to. And us, helpless human beings, disarmed by the cute furry face end up giving them whatever they want.
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  4. What Should A Puppy Diet Include?

    We all want our little puppy to grow into a big and healthy dog. All this can happen only when you feed them with correct nutrients, in the right quantities and at right time. This blog is about the dos and don’ts to be done for feeding your puppy.
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  5. Fast Foods for Your Pet

    Yes !!!! there is nothing wrong in switching your pet’s diet from a daily routine to fast food, sometimes (not too often) but with proper precautions. Actually when you plan to get your pet (dog or a cat) for a change of diet, they try being careful because food changes are found to be a big cause of disturbance in pet’s digestive system. This disturbance may result into vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and ignorance to food.
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