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  1. Leash Training Your Dog

    You’re in the mall. The plan is to go to just one store. But you hear a voice that says: “Go ahead. Walk over there. Look at that shiny thing in the window. Oh, and that one, too! And what’s that over there?”
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  2. Designer Dogs: Yay or Nay?

    Hybrid dogs, also referred to as mixed dog breeds or designer dogs, are growing in popularity. In short, a designer dog is a purposeful mix of two purebreds. Many are bred to get a particular trait, such as less shedding or hypoallergenic.
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  3. Best New Tech For Dog Owners

    As dog owners, we all want the very best for our loving canine companions. Yes, it’s a fact―regardless of whether yours is a hard-working dog, a “go-with” best bud, or a warm and cuddly rescue pooch.
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  4. 101 Guide to First Aid for Dogs

    Has your pet ever become injured or sick suddenly, and you’ve been unsure of what to do? Unfortunately, this is a common scenario for pet owners. Sometimes accidents happen that we can’t always avoid.
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  5. Coffee and Dogs

    There's a long list of foods and drinks that are dangerous to dogs and coffee ranks pretty high on that list. If your dog gets into your coffee, you should rush him to the vet, especially if he drank a full cup.
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  6. Lactose Intolerance In Dogs

    When you picture a pet drinking milk, most will imagine a cat happily lapping up some out of her bowl. So many, might be surprised to hear that cats really shouldn’t ever be poured a bowl of milk.
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  7. What Your Dog’s Facial Expressions Really Mean?

    No one questions the special bond you have with your furry best friend, but do you fully understand everything your pup’s trying to tell you? You will now.
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  8. 5 Most Famous Dogs In History

    Believe it or not, Your pupper can do a lot more than eat, sleep, roll and droll. Dogs have been the man’s best friend since time immemorial and have invariably turned up in Human history. Here is a list of 5 very famous dogs-
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  9. Reasons why Spaying your Dog is a Good Idea

    Spaying refers to the procedure of removing the ovaries of female dogs and while it is ahealthy practice abroad, it is yet to catch up in India.
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  10. Myth Busted: Cats and Dogs CAN be Friends

    If you are afraid of keeping both cats and dogs together as pets, then don’t worry you can keep them both. Don’t worry about the fact that cats and dogs cannot live under one roof.
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