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  1. Can You Clicker – Train Your Cat?

    Clicker training is a type of training that uses a tool known as”clicker” which is made mechanically, and no batteries are required to operate it.And yes, do like the dogs, cats are also responsive to clicker training.
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  2. Three Reasons Why Training Cats Is Difficult Than Training Dogs

    It is actually possible to train cats, but it's much more difficult. Let’s just talk about three reasons which make it difficultto train your cats than to train a dog.
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  3. What Do You Need To Have In A Purr-fect Cat Centric Home

    The list below elaborates the 8 must-haves that every cat-loverneeds to have in a Purr-fect cat-centric home so as to make it classy more classy.
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  4. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Catnip

    Catnip is a perennial herb and a member of the Mint family, Labiatae, and is most commonly known for its ability to get cats “high.”Here are some interesting facts and uses that you didn’t know about this wonder plant.
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  5. June 4: National Hug Your Cat Day

    To all the cat lovers out there it’s time for a eureka moment because you have one more reason to honour the bond between you and your furry friend.
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  6. 7 Exercises your cat will enjoy

    Worried that your cat will be bouncing off the walls in sheer boredom orhe/she will be snoozing around in a corner?Cheer up because mentioned below are some exercises to keep your cat entertained, healthy, active and out of trouble. At very little or no expense.
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  7. Top 5 smartest cat breeds in the world

    Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures that make them stand apart from other animals. Their curious nature and the urge to explore new things make them the smartest of all the creatures.
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  8. What is my cat saying to me?

    You might get worried by your cat’s changed behavior, not knowing what your feline companion is trying to convey. Although, cats may seem to be mysterious creatures but it is not difficult to understand what they are trying to communicate once you learn to decipher their postures and body language.
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    Any strange behavior or subtle changes in cats is a matter of concern. This is so because cats are really good at hiding the illness. These early signs of disease in cats will help you out in giving proper and immediate medical treatment.
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  10. Understanding Partial Paralysis in cats

    Partial paralysis is a sign of an underlying condition or injury. There is a need of immediate veterinary care if your cat exhibit symptoms of partial paralysis because this condition may lead to death or serious, permanent injury if not treated precisely by a doctor.
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