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  1. Latest On Cats

    Buzz on the mostinquisitive, friendly, playful animal we all love. Let’s roll eyes on something new about cats, happening in the world.
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  2. What Does Your Cat Think About You?

    Life of a cat is different than all of us, they have a different outlook towards everything all together. They are cool and mysterious, naturally graceful and elegant, spend most of their time sleeping and getting attention, and don't seem to care what anyone else thinks of them.
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  3. Are Cats More Intelligent Than Dogs?

    It’s a debate we can never seem to settle: Are cats smarter? Or are dogs? Dogs learn and respond to commands; cats usually don’t. But cats are cunning hunters with a boundless curiosity.
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  4. Is it easy to own a cat!

    Money –Cats need regular veterinary care on top of the kitten hood de-worming, de-sexing, and vaccinations. The costs of cat food, toys, litter, cleaning products, scratching posts, pet carrier, bedding, and parasite control will add up quickly.
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  5. Things your cat wants to tell you

    Purring can signify satisfaction, but it can also mean your cat is in pain, nervous, or is just trying to manipulate you into feeding him.
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  6. Do cats like belly rubs?

    The most important question for the day, why do cats behave weird when we rub their belly? They claw and bite, but they also sleep on their back, what should we do?
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  7. 20 Best Cat Photographs the Internet has to offer.

    Let me be ! says this shot of an endearing yellow and white cat.
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  8. Are cats evil?

    Cats are observational learners. This learning emerges at an early age of cats. Evil? A strong word for a cute little pet. I know how this animal is a little sophisticated and choosey at times when it comes to its comfort and environment.
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  9. How To Make Your Cat Comfortable In Hot Climate

    As summer sets in, there are some simple things you can do to keep your cat comfortable in the heat.
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  10. Planning To Rehome Your Cat? This Is What You Should Keep In Mind

    Rehoming your cat might be a difficult task for both you and your little one but it can be achieved with some preparations and time.Cheer up and keep these things in mind.
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