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Monthly Archives: February 2019

  1. The Giant Breed-Leonberger

    They have originated from Germany. Their name was derived from the name of the city of Leonberg in Baden Wurttemberg of Germany. They need a lot of exercises. For exercising they just don't need the space but attention also. They are found to be a perfect watch dog.
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  2. The Mop Dog-Komandor

    They were developed in Russia. If you look at them you will feel as if you have bought a mop. They have very strong instincts. They are the one who will literally die. They can fight not only for you but for your family as well. It is very important to teach them that when they have to bark and when not.
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  3. Facts About The Well Personified Afghan Hound

    They were bred for its unique features to stay in the cold mountains of Afghanistan. They are one of the ancient bred dogs. They have an exotic face and are a fashion model. Their original name was Tazi. They have more importance because of their ability to run. They are very fast and can run to very good distances.
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  4. Greyhound - The Racers

    They have originated from Europe. They are the gentle affectionate kids. Being bred to hunt and chase hare, foxes and deer, they are found to be very agile. They are known for their speed and grace. They are known to be one of the fastest running dogs.
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  5. Jack Russel Terrier-The Born Hunters

    They have developed 200 years ago in England. There was a person called as John Russell who wanted an efficient hunting dog so he planned to develop a dog as he has thought which resulted into an energetic, agile and athletics Jack Russell Terrier.
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  6. The Scottish Gundog-Golden Retriever

    This breed was founded in Scotland. It has come out is the most popular breed in the United States. This breed is actually the most loving, caring and intelligent of all the breeds of dogs. As the name can signify it well that it is very good at retrieving games and therefore is named as
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  7. The Toy Dog-Pomeranian

    This breed was founded in Germany. They are many times confused with the Pomeranian dogs because of their white colour and fluffy and small appearance. They are perfect dogs for an apartment as they are adaptable. They are the best ones for your family.
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  8. The Alastian-German Shepherd

    This breed is one of the most popular breeds in America. They were also known as Alsatian in Great Britain. There is one word that describes them well is "versatile" as they are very intelligent, devoted, courageous and are very capable of being a working dog.
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  9. Fisherman's Dog-New Foundland

    They have originated from Canada. They are not just large by appearance but are strong as well. They are used as working dogs. They were actually bred so that they can pull up nets for fisherman. Once they are fully grown up they are very big dogs.
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  10. Some Facts About The Miniature Bulldog

    Bulldogs were developed in England. They have been developed to be companion dogs. They were developed to hunt rats. They are very intelligent. They are very unique. They love to give love and receive love. They are excellent watchdogs but they never bark without a reason.
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