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  1. How therapy dogs help in fighting depression

    Depression can put you in the worst place in your life emotionally, a place so dark that you can’t even see yourself and in this darkness, a four-pawed friend can be that much-needed ray of lightness and hope.
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  2. 3 reasons why you should adopt a senior dog

    Dogs are man’s best friends; this saying is as true as it can get. A lot of people want to adopt dogs but a lot more than often choose a puppy over a senior dog and it does have its own advantages but there are some noteworthy reasons for a person to adopt a senior dog.
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  3. How Long Should You Wait Before Taking Your Dog to The Vet

    The health of your dog is really important and a pet should be cared for just like you would take care of a human child, and sometimes even more because a human child can at least speak and tell his problem but a dog cannot.
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  4. Can You Clicker – Train Your Cat?

    Clicker training is a type of training that uses a tool known as”clicker” which is made mechanically, and no batteries are required to operate it.And yes, do like the dogs, cats are also responsive to clicker training.
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  5. Three Reasons Why Training Cats Is Difficult Than Training Dogs

    It is actually possible to train cats, but it's much more difficult. Let’s just talk about three reasons which make it difficultto train your cats than to train a dog.
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  6. What Do You Need To Have In A Purr-fect Cat Centric Home

    The list below elaborates the 8 must-haves that every cat-loverneeds to have in a Purr-fect cat-centric home so as to make it classy more classy.
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  7. Do dogs like to cuddle?

    Our furry friends generally don’t like to cuddle. Well, genetics play a major role in deciding whether the dogs will tend to like or dislike to cuddle. Unfortunately, this is upsetting news for all dog lovers across the globe but denying the truth doesn’t change the fact.
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  8. Ways to relieve dog boredom

    Dogs who are not engaged in playing games and performing fun activities seem more likely to suffer from behavioural issues. Thereupon much like humans, dogs do need some interactive activities and entertainment.
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  9. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Catnip

    Catnip is a perennial herb and a member of the Mint family, Labiatae, and is most commonly known for its ability to get cats “high.”Here are some interesting facts and uses that you didn’t know about this wonder plant.
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  10. June 4: National Hug Your Cat Day

    To all the cat lovers out there it’s time for a eureka moment because you have one more reason to honour the bond between you and your furry friend.
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