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    It was bred in Germany. They were retrieved to be on land. They just love hunting for games. They are very affectionate. They need lots of exercises. They can be destructive if not fed with intensive exercise. They need to be socialized too early.
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    Poodles are those intelligent, loving and loyal dogs. They are calm but at times they can turn into mischievous dogs. They are very elegant and clever. They are those kinds of dogs who will do anything to impress you. They are family dogs and are very affectionate as they will become easily attached to you.
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  3. 5 Tips For Dog Owners This Holi

    Holi is the festival of colours: colours of fun, colours of bonding, colours of joy and colours of love. Holi is all this fun but have you ever wondered Holi might not be as much fun for your pet as it is for you.
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  4. Can Your Pets Play Holi?

    Holi is around the corner and everyone must be excited to play this jubilant occasion with full joy. People are excited about throwing colours at each other and even play with their furry friends too, but do you think they can see or enjoy those colours? Or it just dust choking them?
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  5. Making Your Pet Cat And Dog Live Together In Harmony

    Can cats and dogs actually live together? Or do they fight like, well cats and dogs when they see each other? One of the most stereotyped things which we hear every time someone says that we want to keep both as pets.
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  6. Cat-Proofing Your House As A New Pet Owner

    Excited to bring a new cat home, aren’t you? The mere thought of playing with your feline friend once you bring them home makes you smile right? But being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibilities along with fun.
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  7. How Often To Bathe Your Pooch During Summer

    Your pooch doesn’t require to take a bath every day and this is great for them as they don’t like baths anyways. One has to really force them to take them for a bath. As summers are approaching, your pooch might sweat a lot and feel hot too.
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    They have originated from the Central Mediterranean area. They are very agile and obedient. They are very gentle and fearless which make them a friend for everyone. They love tracking. They are one of the most beautiful toy breeds. They are very sweet and intelligent.
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  9. Keep Your Pets Safe This Holi

    Be it Holi or Diwali, pets are always included in celebrations and festivities in Indian homes. Instead of enjoying these festivals and its celebrations, the pets are scared of them. Especially during the festival of Holi, the colours can cause side effects and illness to pets, puppies and stray dogs.
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    Labrador retriever has been a popular dog in the United States. It really means a lot of being popular for so long. The name has been linked from the Spanish word " Labourer". It is one of the most intelligent dogs. You have to agree with me that they have an energy level no less than a marathoner.
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